Philadelphia Magazine “Best of Philly”

My name is Samantha Dubin and I am an intern working in the art department of the Philadelphia Magazine. My job as an intern in the art department of the Philadelphia Magazine is to get photography in for the art department. My main tasks include calling in and emailing contacts for specific images, organizing art trackers, keeping everything in stock, and being asked to pick up items that need to be photographed in the studio.

This month’s August Philadelphia Magazine issue was the Best of Philly and I, as the intern, had to gather photography for that article. I was asked to call in work and get headshots of local experts for different Best of Philly categories. The categories included food and drink, shopping and style, service, and fun and games. Within all those Best of Philly categories we were asked to contact those experts, that were related to that field, and to tell us where to find those Best of Philly places. I enjoyed this project because it was interesting to find out who those important people are and their recommendations for their favorites places.

I also enjoyed getting the headshots of the experts and seeing how the designers created the overall look of the Best of Philly feature. Our assignment was to contact those experts and ask if they can come in and be photographed or they could send over self images through email. It was eye-opening to see experts, who were asked to come in and take headshots, work with the art department.

I’ve noticed that it is important to work as a team and help each other out of certain projects because everybody needs to put in their part to make the magazine look perfect. For instance, the layout and composition of the article looked great and was right on point. In order for that to happen, everybody needs to put their 100% into making the magazine look great.

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