Hello! My name is Shannon Vo and I’m a senior majoring in Advertising, concentrating on account management. This semester, I am interning for Sony Music Entertainment in New York City under Legacy Recordings. Before my internship at Sony Music, I had only been to New York City about two times. My first trip up to the Big Apple was scary but so exciting. Besides the insane amount of traffic, the two-hour bus ride was quite peaceful. I remember entering through the doors of the building and just being so overwhelmed. I was finally in the space where I wanted to be. There was so much euphoria in the air as other interns gathered in the lobby to be escorted up to the main floor.

My boss picked me up after the intern orientation, and we headed to the 20th floor where Legacy Recordings was located. For my internship, I am working in the Artist & Repertoire (A&R) department of that specific label. There are so many aspects to my position, but in short, I work with Sony Music Entertainment’s catalog division which is composed of past artists such as Michael Jackson, Pink Floyd, and so many more. So far, I have developed a wide knowledge of Sony’s catalog and how music used to be back in the day. I’m basically getting a history lesson every day about how music has evolved in the past decades. Working at Legacy is amazing and worth the two-hour bus ride. The best part about the internship is the people, especially the other interns in the whole building. The Sony employees have been so kind to me and feeling welcome is very important to me. It helps encourage me to work harder every day and grow as a person. Even though I’m only a month into the internship, I feel like I’ve really made a name for myself at the label.

Thank You For Reading!