We’d like to offer our congratulations to Mr. Jason Kaminsky for being a “Philly’s Future” scholarship winner. Here’s Jason’s take on what advertising means to him. I can definitely relate to what he’s saying. I started out graphic designing also, but I’d like to remain a “creative.” I’m not sure if creatives have a need for jackets and ties, but I’d be all for it.

See the other winners here.

Here’s a blurb about the scholarship taken from The Philly Ad Club:

Philly Ad Club, the largest professional advertising organization in Philadelphia and a member of the American Advertising Federation, feels passionately about recognizing and rewarding outstanding student achievements in the advertising and communications arena. The annual “Philly’s Future” Scholarship Awards are a way to acknowledge those students who represent the future and encourage them to pursue their careers in Philadelphia. The scholarship money is contributed by the member agencies and companies of the Philly Ad Club.

Also, be sure to check out this video. It’s footage from a Philly Ad Club Social Media panel held last week at Anderson Hall. There’s also footage from Cabrini College at the beginning, so don’t shy away from it. I attended last year (the topic was internships I believe), but I couldn’t make it this time. Fellow ad majors should notice some familiar faces.

Again, congrats Jason!