As I applied to PHL-17  for my internship I did not know what to expect. I had just taken the course Marketing Media Products  at Temple University and was just starting to understand the world of adverting sales. I was extremely nervous and had no idea if I was going to even like this side of advertising. Starting my internship, I thought that I would keep a positive attitude. I figured, if I absolutely hated the world of ad sales, at least this internship will have taught me that.


Thankfully, just the opposite of my fears came true. I have found a part of the advertising industry that I love. The experience here has been great! What I found most rewarding was taking things that I have learned in the classroom, and applying them to my daily tasks here at PHL-17. By interning I can see how all the courses I’ve taken fit together and how all of the final projects really do help prepare you for the real world.

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