As a Temple Student and thus a Philadelphia resident I seem to often forget that tons of people visit Philadelphia as a vacation spot each and every day. That was until I came across PHL Partners, a “toolkit” to show the great parts of the city of brotherly love. This toolkit made by the Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau is an open-source platform that shares the unique stories of Philadelphia. This advertising effort is working towards associating Philadelphia as a “modern renaissance city” by creating a montage of shots throughout the city highlighting the uniqueness Philly has to offer.

The campaigns is most noticeable for branding Philadelphia as PHL while convincing people why Philly is a “must visit” destination. There is no singular reason Philadelphia is the best city around but rather many things to do and experience. The Philadelphia Review states that “The campaign is narrative put together from interviews, inquiry, observations and work sessions securing experiential feedback with hundreds of Philadelphia residents, visitors, business leaders and students, both domestic and international.” The review also includes information on freedom, democracy, and america, innovation and education, creative spirit, outdoor life and sports, vibrant street life, and why its accessible and friendly.

Check out the promo video PHL: Modern Renaissance City to get a feel for the campaign as well as the Philadelphia Review for tons of more information surrounding Philadelphia’s new branding!