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This semester I held two internships, at the Philadelphia Zoo and Harcum College, that blessed me with the chance to see different facets of the event planning field. Though I am an aspiring wedding planner, it is crucial for me to experience all types of planning. I think it’s important because not only do I need to make sure wedding planning is what I want to do specifically but when I do get into my career, I want to use all that experience in whatever type of planning I do.
I think this is relevant to all majors. For example, in Advertising, there are four different tracks. No matter what your track is, it’s important to experience all four because you all have to work together and you may need to do some of their work. Also, who knows? Maybe you’ll discover a new passion that you would’ve never realized without trying something different.
Personally, I have decided to pursue an internship in the entertainment industry, planning red carpets, galas, album release parties, etc. It is something I’m incredibly interested in and might replace wedding planning for me. New York, here I come!
You’ll face tough decisions throughout the rest of your college career. Those decisions could lead to detrimental mistakes or gaining an incredible opportunity. No matter what happens, it’s always great to take a risk and try something different. One thing’s for sure, you’ll learn from it and better yourself for the future.
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  1. I feel your way of looking at your major is absolutely correct. We should not only learn what our field of study is, but also learn a little about the other aspects of it to. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a new passion that way! I’m an ad major with a concentration in art direction, and taking some writing courses now has me interested in the copy writing track! I wish you the best of luck in you future endeavors!

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