Positive Aspects of Harmelin Media

I started my internship at Harmelin Media on September 8, 2010. It has been nothing but a positive environment from the moment that I walked in the door. Everyone here is so friendly and willing to help that I have not once felt uncomfortable going to ask for assignments, or ask questions.

From my observations Harmelin is a very family-like atmosphere. Every day when I look through my email I see an invitation to a different baby shower, bridal shower, etc. They send out emails congratulating employees on their marriages, engagements, newborns, etc. They send emails welcoming new employees. They also send sincere emails saying goodbye to some employees. It is very professional all the while being very welcoming.

As an employee here I would never have fear in getting sick, pregnant, etc. When entering some companies there is a fear that you can not be human in order to have a place in their company. Harmelin is not that type of environment. They understand that you are a professional, but your life is not solely Harmelin, and that is something that even I as an intern can appreciate.

Everyone that works here is a part of a team. The company as a whole seems like a big family, but the people that are on each individual team are exceptionally close. They learn each others strengths and weaknesses. They work together to problem solve. They know each other from a professional standpoint and a personal standpoint. In this type of environment it is only expected that the teams would be successful and thrive, which is evident in the success of Harmelin Media.

I truly am elated Harmelin Media has been my introduction into the media industry. I have learned things even in the short time that I have been here, and I love being able to see the connections between my textbooks and real world experience. I hope to continue to learn, and enjoy my experience here as I have thus far.

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