Positive thoughts brings positive actions

Initially, I thought I was going to be just one of the many Advertising interns at Philadelphia Magazine. To my surprise I was treated just like everyone else. Every morning that I came in I was greeted as anyone else would be. I found it extremely fascinating that I was able to be a part of the weekly and monthly meetings. This helped broaden my knowledge on the company and all they were doing. I was also able to work all of the Philadelphia Magazine sponsored events. Here I learned that the company didn’t make any revenue off of these events but instead gained brand awareness. I thought it was extremely brilliant and loved being a part of the events and seeing how they all operated. After being here for quite some time, I have grown an appreciation for the company. I would love to one day be a part of the company and hopefully work for them full time. Fingers crossed!!!



  1. Hello Crystal!
    Likewise here at my office, everyone treats me as a part of the team as well! That really made my everyday work really enjoyable and comfortable! I am even able to discuss about daily life activities with them casually, which makes me feel really welcomed! I have been on-site for many big events and I know how exciting it can be working behind the scenes. I hope that you will find your way to stay as a permanent family member at Philadelphia Magazine!
    Good luck!

  2. Hey Crystal! I’m glad you found an internship that you can be so involved and feel comfortable in. One of my previous internships was exactly like that. I think it’s smart for companies to treat their interns as regular employees for exactly some of the reasons you pointed out. You’re able to learn more about the company and what they do, and now you’d also like to work there! I think it’s important as interns that we gain real experiences, and it’s important that companies provide interns with those.

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