Preparation for the Pre-Season Wings Game

As my internship is coming to an end The Philadelphia Wings season is getting ready to kick off its 2012 season. This past Sunday (12/11) was the Wings Exhibition game located in Trenton, NJ. Myself and some of the other interns traveled to the Sun National Bank Center to help our Boss, Nikki, make sure everything ran smoothly. It was exciting to finally work my first Wings games because all of the work I have done was leading up to this day.

One of my main task when I first begun my internship was to work closely with The Angel’s Dance Team. I was responsible for creating and ordering their uniforms, organizing trade for a hair salon and gym membership, and working with the coaches to meet all of their concerns. I originally thought this assignment wouldn’t teach me anything but in the long run a lot was learned through my success as well as rejection. This was my first time cold calling people and businesses which helped me work on my communications skill. By the end of my internship I was able to keep the people on the phone for larger then a minute and kept them engaged, in my book that is a great accomplishment. As the first game was nearing I was concerned that not everything would be ready on time, however, on game day everything was perfect. At the Exhibition game, The Dance team was very pleased with their uniforms and couldn’t be happier with their free salon and gym memberships.

On game day, I was able to see the final product of everything I have been working on. It was very rewarding to hear from the staff how great everything looked and that we did a great job. During each break and the halftime, the interns had to organize all the on-field promotions and games for the fans to watch. We had to make sure the dance team appeared at the right places at the right time. I also assisted in the post game autograph session which was not easy getting all the players to participate in. I couldn’t be happier with my internship with The Philadelphia Wings because not only did I learn a lot of valuable information but I met some very great people along the way. I was able to see the final product of everything I have been working on this semester and it was extremely rewarding to see that everything was a success.

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