Projects, Projects, and Projects

Since my first day another intern has been assigned to my boss, Diana. Her name Is Olivia and she is from Rowan University. From here on we work together on projects for the most part. Our first major project together was gathering tons and tons of information on Philly’s best restaurants, their top chefs and their best dishes or what they are known for. This project is for GPTMC, Greater Philadelphia Marketing Corporation and the idea is to create a cookbook featuring Philly’s best restaurants and chefs. The thought is to remind the audience that Philly has more than just cheesesteaks and pretzels.
This took us a long time because we had over 50 restaurants, bars, and bakeries to research and for each one we had to research their chef and their best dish. Once all of the research was gathered we worked together to make a power point to present to the creative team that would be working on the project. They really liked the idea and got started immediately.
The next big project that we worked on, and are in the process of finishing, is also for GPTMC. It is a competitive analysis for GPTMC, looking at different tourism campaigns. Diana thought this would be really helpful because once we get into the “real world” we will be asked to do many of these. She had us work together and look up about 6 or 7 campaigns each. My campaigns were Nashville, Las Vegas, Pure Michigan, Virginia, West Virginia, and San Diego. I had to find who they advertised to, whether the advertising was done nationally or spot, how much the campaign cost, what vehicles they used (TV, radio, print, OOH), launch dates of the campaign and so on. Once we saw the campaign we were asked to give a campaign overview, identify the key message, find the creative overview and eventually configure a SWOT analysis (the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats). As you can see this is also a huge project. Right now I am finishing up my power point and it is in the process of being edited by Diana. Once the editing is finished we will present our analysis to the client, GPTMC. This will be a great opportunity to practice presenting in front of a client. I am a little nervous but very excited at the same time. Although this project was a lot of work, I know how important it is to know how to do this and it was really interesting comparing the campaigns.

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