Pt. 2- Factory PR

It has been about 2 and half months since I have been interning at Factory PR.

To start out, I thought I would hate the commute.  Surprisingly, Megabus is quite comfortable and I catch up with my sleep so that is the least of my concerns.  My usual routine is when I arrive, I do check ins, merchandise the men’s showroom and get a list of stuff to finish by the end of the day by my supervisor.  I really like that I get to see new lines of clothes from our clients before anyone else can.  So far, I like everything that comes with this internship.  I even like the errands I have to run to the staples (Yes, I do get to use the company credit card!).  As stupid as it sounds, I feel like I am doing actual work rather than doing homework stuck in Philadelphia.

At one point, I felt like I was only doing the same stuff every time I come in.  I wanted to do something different and that exact day, my supervisor assigned me to do press clips.  It is the first time actually doing it from start to finish so I really enjoyed doing that and trying something new.  Press clips are screenshots (and using photoshop to make it look presentable) of articles talking about our client’s products.  I really enjoy working in PR and I hope to continue to do so after I graduate!

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