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Hi, My name is Jackson Oligino and I am writing about my experience as the Paid Social Strategy Intern at QVC.  My time at QVC has been one of the best learning experiences I have ever had, which is why I have spent the last ten months and three semesters with the company.  QVC is a company that employs over eighty-five hundred employees and creates billions of dollars in annual revenue.  You quickly learn professional skills and communication skills that are extremely valuable in any professional position.  The experience I had, even though it was remote, was amazing. The people and connections you make every single day are extremely valuable when starting your professional career, and I wouldn’t be where I am without the advice and wisdom shared with me.  

I worked specifically for the Performance Marketing team focused on Paid Social campaigns as well as the campaign strategy.  Learning how an internal company does its advertising and implements elements focused on its consumer’s needs and targeting customers with products that are trending and successful gave great insights into the inner workings of a brand.  I learned that digital and campaign strategy is the direction I want to pursue in my career, and learning tools like Google Analytics, Tableau, and Facebook Ads Manager will be vital to my future work.  Working for such an experienced and large company comes with these perks and abilities to learn so much just by asking someone to show you how their day-to-day works.  One of the best things QVC implements is called Walk a Miles, you can message anyone in the company and ask for a quick thirty-minute meeting to discuss anything about their job, daily tasks, and their career journey.  This is so vital to a young professional as it lets us gain insight into multiple career paths and gain first-hand insight.  Through my many Walk a Miles I met so many people and heard so many inspiring stories that have all impacted my outlook and career goals in the most positive ways.  

This experience was by far more than I expected and I have made real friends and connections that I will have for the rest of my professional career.  The support system within QVC is the greatest trait that the company has, the warmth and overall kindness by everyone for you to succeed is unmatched.  To work for a company that has been such a leader and trailblazer for eCommerce and revolutionized on-air buying is an experience I would recommend to everyone if they have the chance.

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  1. Hi Jackson!
    Just wanted to say that your internships sounds so fun and cool. I bet you have been able to see a bunch of really cool campaigns come to life! One thing I really wanted to comment on is the Walk a Miles. That may be the best thing I have EVER heard an internship program offer! There are so many people I wish I had the opportunity to talk to at my internship. but haven’t had the opportunity because they are so busy. I wish more companies would offer something like this. Congratulations on your internship and I wish you the best of luck!

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