Quirky Mountain Dew

The remarkable and quirky puppy monkey baby.

In the Mountain Dew commercial “Puppy Monkey Baby”, the company used a very remarkable and quirky concept. The creature that hands you the mountain dew has the body of a baby, hair like a monkey, and a face like a pug.  The creature keeps saying “puppy monkey baby” which I believe will spark laughter among young male viewers of the super bowl.  I believe that this commercial is so strange that people will remember that commercial after their hang over from the super bowl parties they attended.

I think you could argue that the commercial was in some ways successful and in other ways did not amuse older viewers.  For example, I believe that a young male would find this commercial funny, and I believe they would try the product.  However, I cannot see an older man appreciating this commercial because it is not smart and witty.  This ad is remarkable, but the advertisement, I believe, will be forgotten by next month.

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