Quite the Surprise Inside

As soon as you walk in to PHL 17 you are surprised at the size of the place. From inside it appears to be a small station but upon entering you realize that looks can be quite deceiving. Yet while it is bigger than you first imagine, it still maintains a level of coziness; as cozy as an office building can get. My first day at the PHL 17, I received a tour around the whole place. I must say, I was quite stunned to see the size of the studio and I was pleased to see the elaborate lunch room that they had. Because I applied to be a sales intern, I didn’t spend too much time inside of the studio. But the lunch room on the other hand… I completely utilized the vending machines, the elaborate array of teas and coffees and a flat screen television to shoot the breeze for a minute or two.

The next most impressionable aspect of PHL 17, and probably the more important one in terms of working for them, was the dynamic amongst the workers. I loved going into the office, sitting at my cubicle and hearing everyone come in. Why? Because whenever someone came in or passed by to converse, you knew exactly who it was. It was like these people are all friends that come into work every day to complete one main goal, to see the succession of the station. I liked that a lot. I think that a comfortable working environment can add to job satisfaction.

Overall, besides learning a ton about the sales department of a TV station, I’m also learning what I want out of a company that I will work for. I need unity amongst the workers and a comfortable working environment.

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