QVC & Me- a fall love story

A love story between QVC and me...the company that gave me courage, inspiration, and pushed me to be a better young professional and individual.

This past summer, I took the path less followed, and instead of finding an internship to work at May-July, I traveled…the entire country…by car. Yes, I quite literally dropped everything and drove for 2 1/2 months. 29 states, and 15,000 miles later, here I am entering senior year with no internship experience, just 9 short months away from graduating. *Gulp*

August was coming to an end, and my fingers hurt from the amount of internships I was applying to, day in and day out. I saw something for QVC available, and thought, what’s the worst that could happen? They say no?

Plot twist- they said yes. They called me for an over-the-phone interview, and next thing you know I was driving to West Chester two days a week, meeting the QVC hosts, eating in the QVC cafeteria, and maneuvering my way through the backstage studios of QVC. Can you tell how ecstatic I am to have had this opportunity?

I am a Talent Management intern, so I am directly responsible for the guests you see on air. I meet them, handle their information, taste their foods, and am in charge of them for a full day of my life. It’s pretty rad. Then a week or two will go by, and the television will catch my eye, and the guest I had just met the week before will be on air. It’s really cool to see how excited these individuals are- some of them have been waiting their whole lives for a chance to be on QVC. I especially like my role because not only am I getting experience with desk work/organizational things, I get to go back stage, set up the studio, and all the fun behind-the-scene things.

I truly was unsure of what I was getting myself into when I agreed to the Talent Intern…but the way everything has turned out has been such a sigh of relief, while also a challenge that helped me grow as a young professional. A sigh of relief for how much I absolutely adored it…for my first real internship I’d say it was the best opportunity I could have possibly had and would HIGHLY recommend anything QVC to everyone.

Although the commute isn’t pretty, it gives you a taste of the real world- PLUS you get to jam out to your favorite songs and sing as loud as you possible can, which in my personal opinion, is the best therapy.

SO if you’re considering an internship that requires a commute, or is in a field you aren’t entirely familiar with, or is for a mega corporation that intimidates you, here is your sign to GO FOR IT. It’ll be an incredible learning opportunity, a chance to grow in fields you are unsure of, and get to try things you didn’t know you liked! Any experience will be beneficial, but I’d say aim for those big scary companies, because once you’re a part of them and you see how they run and operate, you’ll feel more confident moving forward when applying for other internships or even…dare I say…post grad jobs.

As HSM best said it, we’re all in this together. I’m doing my part by telling you QVC is an excellent company to intern/work for, and I hope you take my advice to heart. I wouldn’t steer you in the wrong direction. I fell in love with QVC in September, and now that it’s coming to an end, it’s a bitter sweet feeling. I’m proud of the experience and opportunities I’ve received, and eager to move forward in my professional career knowing I had the best company to shape me up before the real world gets a hold of me for good.

You’ll always be in my heart QVC. Never change.


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