Real life experience

This semester I have gained a ton of real life experience in the advertising industry, as well as the feeling of a 9-5 day. I have learned the importance of organization and communication in a business as well as what it takes to be successful in the industry. Working as a small group, MOD has to bust out tons of work every day but they do it right and on time. I have helped to create schedules for projects as well as navigation maps that keep the employees on the right track. Currently the business is re-branding itself which is cool to watch behind the scenes. The changes in typefaces, web design, and even the name (now being called The Modern Agency), look really awesome and I even get to help with cropping images for the new website, which makes me feel pretty important. Alongside running errands, I get to organize work sample sheets for clients as well as edit some previous work. I’m learning more about InDesign and Adobe Bridge that will help me with future work and projects. I’m becoming more equipped with the skills needed to “survive” this industry because you have to have tough skin and working knowledge of certain programs  and servers. Overall I feel much more comfortable here than I did in the beginning and have definitely gotten the experience I needed.

While revamping the new Modern Agency website, I have helped to crop and resize many images on this mock-up of the site.

Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 11.02.00 AM

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