Rebranding Breakfast

Through my supermarket travels, I’ve taken notice of an interesting trend that’s happening in the breakfast cereal aisle.

Retro rebranding appears to be the newest strategy breakfast cereal manufacturers are employing to attract consumers.

Other attempts–such as low sugar alternatives and high in fiber varieties–haven’t  helped stimulate growth in the marketplace.

Over the last few years, sales have decreased significantly. The once prime demographic of consumers–young children–have been introduced to healthier alternatives, such as fruits and yogurts.

By reverting to a nostalgic box design, cereal manufacturers hope they will strike a chord with adults who have fond memories of breakfast time with Cap’n Crunch. In effect, leading this target audience to pass along shared memories to tomorrow’s consumer–their children.

– Dave Corbin (


  1. I suffer from time-to-time from cereal nostalgia. Today, your post has me thinking of BOO BERRY!!!!! Target brought back a limited edition series of the favorite series of cereals from the 70’s this past Halloween:

  2. I love Boo Berry and Franken Berry! I purchased both this past Halloween. Breakfast cereal is my guilty pleasure. My number one favorite is Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch.

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