REC Philly Where Independent Doesn’t Mean Alone

This fall I worked at REC Philly. REC Philly is a creative incubator filled with all the resources any creative would need to be a successful entrepreneur. At REC Philly, we have 7 main core values that we work hard to uphold through our daily operations. REC Philly’s core values are to be a positive team player, hustle, expressive, proud, growth-minded, connected to the mission, and problem solvers. Using these core values, I would love to talk about a few times I incorporated these core values into my internship at REC Philly. For example, I feel as though I hustled alot this semester. My role as the Support Specialist was to manage daily members’ operations. Whether it was contacting a member via email or creating the weekly newsletter, I consistently hustled to make sure our members received the best service possible.

 Another core value is to be growth-minded. As an intern, making mistakes often can feel like the end of the world, and at the beginning of my internship, I struggled with messing up. Luckily, I always had the direct support of my manager Scarlet to encourage me to be easier on myself and understand that I was learning. She would often say, “it’s okay to make mistakes but make sure you learn from those mistakes.” Over these past few months, I learn how to go easy on myself and learn from my mistakes. Once I stopped pressuring myself to be perfect I was able to open myself up to new learning opportunities at REC.

Lastly, I personified the core values of being connected to the mission. My favorite thing about REC is that we work really hard to get the job done, but also when it’s time to have fun, we have fun. REC is a growing company with over 1,000 plus creators in our community. To the average person what we do may look easy, but we work hard to connect our great members to the best resources possible. In our last staff meeting, our Chief Operational Officer Ryan reminded us how unique a company like REC is and how important it is for us as a team to want to see our team, members, and company succeed. I can honestly say that I am connected to the mission at REC, and I am looking forward to continuing my journey with this company. 

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