Recollecting on the BIG Day

The Palumbo Academy students filed into the auditorium filled with new acquired knowledge about advertising. The Temple University students followed behind them, anxious for the events that were about to occur. It was the big day, the day we presented our hard work to the marketing executives of the Phillies. Excitement was displayed on all of our faces. Finally we get to show everyone else all of the hard work we did in preparation for this day. We rehearsed nervously and as the audience piled in our hearts were beating feverishly knowing that the time was coming. And so it did, it was finally the time we all waited for. It was the event that we prepared months in advance for. Finally it was time to introduce these professionals to the new advertising professionals that we created.

As we stood there in front of all of these peering eyes, we were fortunate enough to witness this phenomenal event unfold. The Palumbo Academy students blew us all away with their professionalism and their knowledge of advertising. The Phillies marketing executives were absolutely impressed with the material presented and with those presenting it. Everything went along smoothly and the presentation was nothing less than a success. These students from Palumbo Academy pioneered a program that could potentially expand to something bigger than anyone ever expected.

I will forever remember this workshop and I am beyond grateful for participating.

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