Red Bull: Flugtag on the Waterfront!

I'd say Flugtag (aka "Flying Day") was the biggest frat party I'd ever been to. That was the overall vibe. It definitely wasn't a family friendly event.

First I’ll say that I don’t drink Red Bull (in favor of Gatorade Rain), but when they hand them out on campus (just as they did the day prior to the event) I’m not turning them down. I forgot all about Flugtag actually. I did have plans to get photos of some interesting Red Bull outdoor ads I saw. There were 3 in particular. Red Bull somehow managed to get approval for wrapping vacant properties. I think it’s a fantastic idea even if it’s only in commercial areas.

The building (facade) wraps included: 2nd and South Street, 2nd and Market, and 15th and Walnut. I’m sure there were more, but I only managed to snap 15th and Walnut. I didn’t have a camera when I spotted the other 2 and when I went back the following week they were gone. 2nd and Market (El Station) was the coolest as it wasn’t just a flat wall.

I’d say Flugtag (aka “Flying Day”) was the biggest frat party I’d ever been to. That was the overall vibe. It definitely wasn’t a family friendly event. Some people brought grandma and the kids anyway. It was the greatest turn out of any Flugtag event ever including people on land, bridges, and boats in the water. Camden wasn’t ready for it. It’s been about 15 years since I’ve even been to the Camden waterfront. Also, I ran into a fellow Temple ad student (from Amsterdam). At the time she didn’t want to “pose for the blog,” but looking back she told me she should have. The event was a bit tame for her tastes. I stuck around for about 2 hours and then the mass exodus began. The streets were congested and PATCO was mobbed.

And now the photos!

The people at Penn's Landing had sense enough to stay over there.
I couldn't get any closer without throwing stiff arms and elbows. I left this spot after the 1st jump after standing there over an hour. It started an hour late.
Why didn't I think of that?
Flying machines...
A sea of humanity. These are all the people who popped up while I stood in that spot for an hour.
15th and Walnut. This used to be a bank.
I wanted to snap the other 2 spots the day of the event but I had a block party to get to. I think 1 will suffice.

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