Relaxed Vibe of an Agency

I’m a firm believer that attitude and positivity can affect your work and the quality of it. Before interning at BOCO this summer, I was aware of the more relaxed vibe of a creative agency, but I was never really sure how much it was implemented. After interning at BOCO, I’ve learned that the relaxed vibe of an agency truly does help the workflow of the employees, and overall raises the morale of the group.

The dress for the company is casual and all employees are welcomed to express themselves and their personality. There is no discrimination or any rules of dress, as long as you do your work you are accepted. The group of employees is close-knit and has really learned how to be goofy towards one another but get work done at the same time. For instance, when sending work to one another, each employee will attach a funny gif along with the work. Throughout the day, I would hear random laughter from someone’s desk while they were opening an email.

The group of employees is also not afraid to make fun of each other, and I’ve personally experienced this. I was writing my notes about the quality of an app we built down on paper. My coworker walks by, laughs, and says, “You know this is a DIGITAL agency, right?” It’s a good combination to be able to laugh and learn at the same time.

I’ve been asking my friends how their internships are going, and what it’s like to work at their companies. Most of my friends work at conservative business corporations or accounting firms on Market Street and have very strict rules. For instance, men cannot have any scruff or wear any clothes that would draw attention to them. In other words, don’t wear any bright colors or any tie with a busy pattern. I don’t think these types of rules would work at a creative agency, because from what I’ve learned, if your mind and your surroundings are relaxed, creativity can flow better.

I’ve learned that relaxed vibe does not equal laziness. With great effort comes great reward. With BOCO, that great reward usually means a 15 minute Call of Duty break.

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  1. I agree that a person’s attitude can affect their quality of work. I love your honesty in this blog post. Glad you had a wonderful experience at BOCO. I also agree with you about abut the settingn of your internship being so comfty that you learn to love it. I love how you clarified a relaxed vibe does not equal to laziness, because I agree.

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