Restaurant Branding

I have been interning at hy•lo labs this semester. hy•lo labs is an experiential marketing agency. Their model utilizes through physical and digital interactions to connect brands to consumers. I have been learning social media marketing skills that establish brands as personable entities that interact with individuals.

One of the biggest projects that is going on at hy•lo the is marketing of forthcoming restaurant, Avance. This project had started right after I came into  hy•lo as an intern. This is mostly what I have been working for. The restaurant’s chef, Justin Bogle, is originally from Philly. He is one of the youngest two Michelin Stars earning this title at New York restaurant, Gilt. The restaurant will take over the location of world renowned restaurant, Le Bec Fin.

“Avance” means advance in French. This is the theme that we have carried throughout the restaurant’s marketing. The biggest goal is to make Avance’s high end cuisine resonate with media savvy millennials. We have utilized instagram, twitter, Facebook, and tumblr to engage this demographic. in the future hy•lo hopes to develop events with Avance to bring their digital meets physical business full circle.

I am glad being a part of this project. I have learned many precious ideas and experienced advertising techniques that I could have never had at school. I am very excited to grab a dish from Avance once it opens!



Here is the first episode video of avance.  Check it out!

Avance Restaurant Episode 1

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