My semester was spent doing branding work for a family friend out in California. Since this was a start up company, I had little to go off of, only my conversations with my coworkers. I was fortunate enough to have previously worked with my supervisor this past summer at a salon. Growing up in the hair industry (my mother and myself have worked in this industry for a long time), I thought it was fun to use my knowledge in a new way, with using my hand at branding.

One thing this internship really opened my eyes to is the difference in business structure from East to West coast. Being born and raised East Coast, I’m used to a sense of urgency and quick-paced  work days. West Coast tends to be more relaxed and meetings were often held at restaurants, while I am used to a slightly more formal setting. Dress code was also much more relaxed, and relationships with clients seemed more like friendships rather than business-focused. I was happy to see that I could work in a place that had a great reputation and provided great services, without feeling so “corporate”. However, deadlines were too relaxed for my liking, and sometimes I wish I had more definitive direction, being that this was my first internship.

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