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Interning at Bad Rhino so far has been a wonderful experience for me. This full service, social media marketing agency specializes in analyzing current marketing competitors and trends online. The two owners, Marty and Rich, are just as fun as their business name! In fact, when I asked why they chose to go with the name “Bad Rhino”, Rich explained to me he really wanted an animal to be in the name, and Marty agreed that he would only start a business with him if he could come back that day with a killer name. And just like that, Bad Rhino was born.

With help from a few other Rhinos in the office, the team develops social media marketing plans for both small and large businesses. With extensive research done prior, along with knowledge of marketing on the web, they are able to create effective plans that have been proven advantageous for a number of businesses, both local and regional. In order to properly monitor these accounts, Bad Rhino uses various tools that can track a customer’s online presence up to 25 miles away. Proving the effectiveness of each campaign through monthly analytic reports has helped Bad Rhino stay in business since 2010, all while establishing a strong relationship with their clients.

When I first started at Bad Rhino I was working with more content creation. This included Twitter post for clients, regulating various accounts, and making sure each business was staying as interactive and engaged with their customers as possible. Majoring in the Account Management track, however, I found my interest start to sway into the relationships we had with our clients. From there, I was fortunate enough to have Marty take me under his wing, and really become somewhat of a mentor. Working side by side with Marty has given be the ability to see the ins and outs of the business, and the struggle a business owner encounters on a daily basis. From sending emails to potential leads, to helping monitor and research other businesses, I was given the opportunity to not only intern at Bad Rhino, but also really be a part of the success of the business. Recently, we were able to have Emergensee come on board, a local business that developed a mobile personal security app. You may have even seen them recently on Shark Tank!

Bad Rhino has taught me a crazy amount about social media and how to really optimize your business online. I’m excited to see what the future holds for me at Bad Rhino!

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