Saying Goodbye to Red Tettemer

As my internship is coming to an end, I still have nothing but good things to say about my experience at Red Tettemer. These experiences have definitely been unforgettable. Red Tettemer is an awesome agency and the people who work there are amazing as well. I loved being right in the ad world every day. I learned a lot in the last few months that I will definitely take on with me into the next steps of my life that I absolutely would not have been prepared for just inside the classroom.

Since my last post, I really have been getting more of a taste what the advertising world is like. I have seen the preparations for a pitch for a new client, and how much hard work is really put in to something like that literally hours up until the official pitch occurs. I have seen the changes and tweaks that go into things last minute per the client’s request. I have seen new-hires come in, and some people reluctant to move on. Since the beginning I have been handed creative briefs, come up with ideas, and some that were shown to the client – which is really exciting as an intern!

As my last days approach, I have a two words of advice that I got from Red Tettemer that I think would be beneficial to share: Be Unforgettable. It sounds cliché or redundant, but it’s true. In anything you do, be unforgettable. Show what makes you, well, you. There are hundreds of other students just like you who probably want that same job as you. Go the extra mile! Do the best work you can, and make sure that people know who you are (in a good way!) Have a reason why people will not forget you, not just in the advertising world, but everywhere. Be unforgettable!

Happy Holidays from Red Tettemer & the Tub Christmas tree!

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