Screening Movies

      Hello again! My name is Lauren Bayer and I am currently interning at Allied Integrated Marketing.  Just a reminder, Allied is a full-service advertising agency and public relations firm with capabilities including placement of print and broadcast advertising, marketing, publicity and promotional campaigns.  Clients of Allied include: Sony Classics, Weinstein Company/ Dimension, Disney/ Touchstone, Sony Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Fox Searchlight, MGM, TNT, Dave and Busters, Universal/ Rogue, Focuz Features, Apparition, WDSHE, Screen Gems/ Tri Star, Universal Home Video, Vivendi, Anchor Bay, Magnolia Pictures, IDP, and Overture. These movie producers use Allied to promote their movies in the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh areas.

Promotional screenings are a big part of what is done at Allied.  This is a screening of a film that is held usually before opening day.  Passes to these screenings are usually given away to the general public by a media promotional partner.  If I work at a screening I must arrive an hour early and help to set up the event. Once people start to arrive, it is my job to record demographics percentages (such as age and gender of who attended), comments made about the movie by attendees, overall reactions, and scenes that particularly stuck out to me.  I then have to take this information and turn it into a formal report to turn in to the movie producer.

As an intern it is very exciting to work and attend screenings.  Being new to promoting the entertainment industry I get to be part of advanced screenings of movies and special events that sometimes celebrities even attend.  Recently a few of the movies I have worked on are: American Reunion, Think Like A Man, Act of Valor, and Gone.  It is exciting to me because a lot of the movies I work on I am interested in.  Since I already have an interest in the entertainment industry and these movies specifically I find my work to be very enjoyable and fun at Allied.

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