Second month of Internship!

Well this is the second half of my summer long internship and I have made many strides and certainly learned that internships are something that resembles a totem pole.  Starting at the bottom where doing some small work, something boring, something you are not really interested in are all standards to just beginning your first internship.  But what my internship has shown me is that the first month was the same as the bottom of the totem pole.  I really was not doing much, or sometimes things that I was doing just were subliminal and not interesting.  Though, as I have reached the end of the this second month, I have done much more and have been involved in many more things.

First, I have been able to do more outreach within the one non profit organization (NephCure).  By doing this I have been able to create email blasts, flyers, letters to companies and organizations, and actually talk to some organizations and people on the phone dealing with donations and sponsorships.  I have thoroughly enjoyed having the freedom to create the email blasts/flyers to any way I want to.  My boss gives me the freedom to create it how I think will best attract these individuals and thus far we have kept up with the ones I have created! I have also met many different people within different organizations who have been there for years and are doing much of the same work as I am, and for which case I am thankful they trust my work and dedication to the organizations.

Overall, this experience has been something I have learned a great deal from.  As I had said earlier, I am no longer at the bottom of the totem pole, nor am I at the top.  But I also like the challenge.  I have learned that hard work, dedication and competitive nature within this industry helps you climb.  I intend to take the things I have learned from this internship with me for my next one.  I am eager to see where this could take me!






Below is a small flyer I did for a small walk for a child that is suffering from FSGS

nephcure ad2 word

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