Secret Cinema at Temple Gallery Shows Rare Haunted House Horror Films

Secret Cinema Rare Haunted House Horrors

Friday October 28th, 8pm-Midnight

Temple Gallery @ Tyler School of Art

Admission is Free!

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On Friday, October 28th, the Secret Cinema will present a four-hour mini-marathon of Halloween-themed movies at the Temple Gallery, in the Tyler School of Art. Haunted House Horrors will include three rarely-screened horror features and some short subject and cartoons on the same subject will be included.

The films will be shown using real film (not video) projected on a giant screen!

Horror Features Include:

The Man They Could Not Hang (1939, Dir: Nick Grinde)
Horror movie icon Boris Karloff stars in one of his lesser-known, yet best films as Dr. Henryk Savaard, a brilliant scientist experimenting with bringing the dead back to life by use of a mechanical heart. After the accidental loss of one of his patients, he is executed for murder, but is then secretly revived by his assistant using the doctor’s own method. The resurrected Savaard is now a changed man obsessed with vengeance. When his judge, prosecutor and jury are invited to a mysterious meeting, they find themselves trapped in the home of the man they thought they sent to death, informed that they will themselves be killed before the night is through. The doctor’s once-stately home re-engineered as an instrument of lethal revenge, it appears his gruesome promise will soon come true.

One Frightened Night (1935, Dir: Christy Cabanne)
This rarely seen gem is one of the higher-regarded products of B-studio Mascot Pictures, and mixed comedy and suspense in a send-up of “old dark house” thrillers. Cantankerous codger Charley Grapewin invites his greedy relatives to his mansion to tease them with hopes of inheriting his fortune…leading to inevitable foul play. With a cast full of comic character actor greats having a swell time, including Wallace Ford, Lucien Littlefield, Rafaela Ottiano, Fred Kelsey and Clarence Wilson, plus soon-to-be gossip czaress Hedda Hopper. Director Christy Cabanne learned his craft as an assistant to D.W. Griffith.

Who Slew Auntie Roo? (1971, Dir: Curtis Harrington)
In this creepy outing from one-time avant-garde filmmaker Harrington, Shelley Winters plays a retired vaudeville performer that keeps the mummified remains of her young daughter in her lonely mansion. When a pair of troubled kids sneak into her annual Christmas meal for orphans, Winters finds the girl resembles her daughter and so kidnaps her – prompting the girl’s brother (Oliver’s Mark Lester) to decide they’ve stumbled upon the home of the wicked witch from HANSEL AND GRETEL. “Walks a fine line between good and bad taste.” – The Motion Picture Guide

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