Seize The Opportunity – Earning my Internship at a NightClub

Hello! My name is Nikki Malave´. I am a senior Advertising student with a double concentration in Art Direction and Copywriting and pursuing a minor degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management. By integrating my fields of study at Temple University, you can understand why being a Promotions intern at Roar NightClub was the perfect opportunity for me to own my potential.

I was a brand ambassador for Roar on my social media channels from June to the end of November of 2021. I promoted the nightclub using graphics and footage from the events, working alongside Roar’s established marketing team. My experience at Roar has greatly elevated my understanding of the events industry and social media marketing, but another positive aspect of the business I did not anticipate was that it challenged me every day by bringing me out of my comfort zone, which helped me grow in more ways than one.

It is important to note that my position at Roar was not handed to me. I was initially brought onto Roar’s first promotions team, being one of four students from Temple University, as a test for the company to see if we were capable of fulfilling a full-time intern position. The establishment was open for its first summer in Philadelphia, so we were hired as college promoters to spread the word of the new venue to a younger demographic. The success of our first weekend was exciting, but repeating that success each week would required more effort and marketing skills than the team had anticipated. It was not long before I was the last intern left, but I decided to stay and seize the opportunity to work independently. My qualifications and dedication to the role earned me my internship for the Fall semester of my senior year, when I began leading meetings with upper level management and owners to discuss innovative ways to promote and improve the guest experience at Roar. It was a challenge to market a new entertainment venue in Philadelphia where the nightlife is highly competitive; however, it led me down a path of substantial personal and professional growth. 

I successfully hosted my first college night for age 21+ students and alumni from Temple University, which was a highlight of my time at Roar and a testament to all my hard-work. My hosting position at the venue gave me the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life like never before, given that Roar is an easy-going, fun environment for guests to connect with one another over music and drinks. I befriended several inspiring professionals from around the Philadelphia area, which has expanded my network beyond my hometown of Alexandria, Virginia and greatly improved my confidence, poise, and communication skills. I am proud that I seized the opportunity to intern at Roar Philly NightClub as it has shaped me in so many positive ways and ultimately, ignited my passion for bringing people together.

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  1. Hi Nikki!

    Your experience at Roar Philly is commendable. Being a social media correspondent is a never-ending job that can take a toll on the lines between work and off-time. It seems like you gained a lot of long-lasting connections that will help you in the future! I am curious about your duties throughout the week as the promotions intern, and how you applied that to your final event of college night? Also, if you enjoyed this aspect of Advertising + Copywriting and will continue down the path of social media promotions.

    It was a delight reading your article and I wish you luck in your last semester!

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