Semester in Review

Now that the semester is coming to an end and the stress is slowing dwindling, I’ve had the time to reflect on the past semester. For me, this semester passed by as a blur of activity. As a senior, I want to cherish everything during my last year at Temple. One of my fondest memories was having the opportunity to teach advertising to high school students.

Over the summer, I contemplated the idea of a career in education and how I would love to have the opportunity to explore it further. When I heard about teaching advertising to students as a class, I knew I had to take it! It seemed like the perfect opportunity to explore the world of teaching and to combine it with my love of advertising. I was excited, yet nervous for this opportunity since I didn’t know what to expect. Our class of Temple students was dedicated and passionate about the class the entire semester. Having that support system helped us collaborate as a team.

Something I took away from this experience is how much creativity and innovation is involved in teaching. As a class, we came up with creative ways to teach our lesson plans to keep the students engaged and constantly monitored and adjusted our lessons accordingly. For me, it was refreshing to see how I can apply my classroom experience into an education setting. For example, brainstorming activities that we learned in Creative Thinking were used in our brainstorming exercise with the students. It was exciting to teach students something that we learned and see them apply it to the campaign for the Phillies Teens Club.

This class really helped me in deciding my career path after graduation. Although I still don’t know the exact direction, I know I want to be involved in education somehow. I know it will still take time to figure out, but I’m thankful for this experience and for it sparking my interest in education!

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