Share Your Summer, but Fall into Fall


Summer always goes so fast, doesn’t it? It’s little things that start approaching in late July that grab our attention and remind us of the fact that it unfortunately doesn’t last forever. The “Back to School” commercials, fall clothes on the covers of magazines, even things you need to plan at your work. Last summer I worked in the back room stocking a retail store, and we started to get CHRISTMAS items in the late summer.

I see it happening at NEST, too, although it’s more fun then unpacking snowman center pieces and santa socks. As I mentioned in my previous blog, NEST has something for almost every occasion. Holidays, events in Philly, and of course the changing of seasons. This summer our campaign was named “Share Your Summer” which opened many opportunities for current and new members. We had discounts for summer memberships, which includes unlimited access to our playspace. Or, if a member found a friend to enroll in the same summer class as them, both would receive 50% off the class and a free month membership. We also offered discounted prices on our awesome birthday parties and summer camp. These promotions really helped the summer crowd come in. We sometimes worry about that because when it’s so nice out, who wants to be inside all day? But we make it so fun at NEST that it’s worth a little time indoors. Especially with the heat we’ve been having!

However, although Share Your Summer is still going on, we are now in Fall mode. We must think of a catchy, clever campaign for Fall! Last year it was “Fall into Fall” which I love. So we are brainstorming on names, promotions, and events to use for the quickly approaching new season. We think of so many different ideas during our marketing meetings and I love it. Of course many are silly, but those are what often help us to think of something really good. We haven’t thought of a name yet, but we still have time! We will also be looking for upcoming Fall events to make a trip to on behalf of NEST. I’ve been looking into upcoming events in Philly, such as the Scarecrow Festival, Autumn’s Colors Festival, and the Midtown Village Fall Festival. I’m sure we will be attending many fall Festivals!

As of now, we are focusing on busy work like stuffing our new member bags to hand out during events like these. These bags include a schedule of the classes, 15% off coupons, $20 off coupons, business cards from our partnering companies, flyers with our upcoming events, and a free class card. We also do little, but necessary things every day like making sure the play space is nice and clean, we are fully stocked with food/drinks, schedules, flyers, etc., and helping customers with any questions as they come into the center.

I am staying at NEST to volunteer for the rest of the summer and into the fall. I love helping out there, and I feel like you guys would too! It’s so laid back and fun, but I also have been learning a lot.





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