Sharing a common goal: 88% fewer beverage calories

Pepsi, Coke, and Dr. Pepper unite to provide healthier drink options in school vending machines.

It’s rare to see long standing rivals unite under any circumstance, but I believe it’s a step in the right direction. I wonder if there will be more spots to come. I saw this one for the first time about 4 or 5 days ago. Here’s a blurb from…

It’s a brand new day in America’s schools when it comes to beverages. Our industry has delivered on its commitment to change the school beverage landscape. We’ve removed the full-calorie sodas and replaced them with low-calorie, nutritious, smaller-portion choices.

Each brand stands to benefit from this reposition. It’s one thing to speculate, but they’re actually making a move which is good. I wonder though, will these smaller portions come with a smaller price? I’m doubtful. Until my freshman year of college, none of the schools I’d been to K-12 even had vending machines. On occasion, we had soft pretzels for a quarter and that was it pretty much. Oh the memories!

Maybe the new packaging will look something like this?

Cans shaped like bottles... @$2.50 a pop!

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