Sitting in with The Breakfast Club

I don’t know how many people my age actually listen to the radio. Most people I know have auxiliary cords and plug their phones into it or they satellite radio in their car, making FM or AM radio stations the last of their choices. Also being at a college when, none of my friends have cars, none of us are ever really exposed to the radio. As for me personally, I can never find a channel I like, so I haven’t listened to the radio in a very long time.

When I first got to WOGL, I didn’t really know how involved I would be in with the radio jockeys the live shows they broadcast. But I was told that every Thursday I would be sitting in from 7AM to 9AM with Ross Brittain and The Breakfast Club. I was super excited because I have never been in a radio studio before and was always curious what it was like. It was fun to see how each radio host connected and worked with each other. This show is on a tight schedule and each minute is important to them. It shows how important teamwork and communication can be in any work environment.

After every show, I would go into the morning show meeting with each radio host, their producer, and meet with the program director. The meeting was to address what the program director was pleased about and what she wasn’t. It was cool to see that side too. Overall, it was super fun and interesting to see what the radio is like on the other side!




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