Skai Blue Summer

If you asked me to describe Skai Blue Media in one word, I’m afraid to tell you that I can’t. With this being my first internship, I wouldn’t have any other place to compare it to. By far, these first two weeks here have been amazing, the staff are what make this small PR firm what it is. But even though Skai Blue Media is small in size, it is big on their business.  The office stays busy with phone calls, typing, and chattering and yet my co-workers still find time to talk about anything and everything (mostly funny stories).

As for me, I am constantly glued to my laptop, trying to work my magic when designing and creating visually appealing material for our clients. Currently, I am designing a poster for the South Street Headhouse District to promote a indie film series.I’ve went through a couple of different design to best fit the specifications of our client. Here’s my progress thus far…

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