Small Business, Big World

Did you know Temple has a Small Business Development Center?  Because I didn’t.


But now I do, and I am a part of the process for small businesses to hit the ground running.  As a Marketing and Consulting intern, I have worked on various projects for clients in the Incubator Program – which is where start-up businesses are able to pay very little for a lot of resources.  They provide cubicles, a conference room, two larger work spaces for collaboration, internet access, copy and fax machines, training/consulting services, and access to interns – AKA me!

So far, I have worked with three different clients, all with very different business ideas.  Even though they all vary, their entrepreneurial drive is the same.  They have a foundation – but want to make it past that point and see their business be successful on a larger scale.  There is a specific privacy policy to protect their business plans and ideas, so you will have to wait and see to hear about all of their success in the future.  I’m definitely excited to be a part of it and look forward to what other small businesses I will be able to help too!


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