Small Fish, Big Pond at LevLane

As an intern at LevLane, one of the coolest and most rewarding experiences I have had thus far is being able to work on a brand new client. Agencies are constantly looking for new business, and we just so happened to land a cardiology group after several months of negotiating as soon as I came back to LevLane for my second semester.

I really got to kick start this project. I took the information that I was given about the company and then researched regional and national competitors. Some of the things I looked for were taglines/positioning, how the companies backed up their claims, similarities and differences in the cardiovascular field, and creative examples. I then presented this to Bruce Lev, co-owner of LevLane, and David Huenergarth, Director of Client Engagement at LevLane. After the presentation, David gave me next steps and I delved even further into my research to look at things such as specific website utilities, attributes that companies were touting, etc. Together, David, Josh Lev (Senior Account Manager), and I put together the final presentation of research that we then presented to the client.

Where the magic happens (aka my desk)
Where the magic happens (aka my desk)

I never imagined that interns got to do such important things for clients. I knew that here at LevLane, interns are not treated as such – we are not constantly just given busy work. We do stuff that does need to get done and that is important. But I have gained so much real world knowledge and experience in the advertising industry from my internship that I could never have dreamt of upon starting my first day here. I help not only my supervisors, I also help my clients. The work I do here at LevLane matters – and that is the most rewarding experience I could have ever asked to get out of my internship.


  1. Looking at my internship experience vs your its seems you have won. While I was just supposed to sit there and listen to my managers talk with clients, you were actively pitching ideas to your bosses. I think as an intern this is great, so when I am applying to jobs I am going to seek a position in an agency.

  2. This was great to read a week before my interview at LevLane. Right now I am the only intern at a start up clothing boutique- so I have never had agency experience. Like many other students, I am not exactly sure what I want to do in the future. As of now I am trying to get as many experiences as I can to see what I like best.
    Over spring break I applied for internships only in agencies and LevLane was one of them. I am worried that I might hate being in an agency because I do not want to be given busy work and do all of the stuff my supervisors don’t want to do. But it is awesome to hear that you don’t feel that way. You are actually making a difference while learning at the same time.
    For me, being called an “intern” is somewhat annoying at times because sometimes I feel belittled. Even though we are still in college and do not have years of experience, that does not mean we can’t make a difference. It’s great to hear that you are showing both LevLane and the customers everything you have to offer and it looks like it is all working out! Congrats!

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