Smile, It’s a photo shoot!

Hi Guys,

This is Jasmine coming to you from Teen Vogue. So you guys have have already heard about my tips from an intern’s point of view. Now I wanted to share with you some fun things that I have been able to do during my time here!

Photo- shoots are a really big part of any magazine no matter the theme of the magazine. My second day at Teen Vogue I was invited to work on the set of an amazing photo shoot. When my boss asked me I was beyond ecstatic. I couldn’t believe this was happening on my 2nd day. Either way I knew this was my chance to show my boss that I was dedicated and could handle anything she threw my way.

The next day I met my boss and all of the editors from TV on the set of the photo shoot. It was so amazing seeing all of the hair and make up at work on the models and the photographer and his crew testing lighting before everything got started. In walked the stylist and asked me to help merchandise and start steaming items. I was more than happy to help with anything I could. I was constantly on the run on set but didn’t mind at all. I learned so much watching all the editors decide on what hair and make up worked best with the feel of the shoot. It definitely confirmed in my mind that this is something that I want to do for a very long time.

That is the greatest thing about interning. The goal is to try different things so that you can find what it is that you think would perfectly suit you. Yeah, it’s a lot of work but it should pay off in the end if you work hard and keep an eye on your goal!

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