So many changes, so quickly…

Working at The Rossi Wellness Center was a great experience – but an odd one, I must say. I was originally hired by to do mostly print ads and general graphic design work, which is much of what I started off doing at the internship. However, as time went on, they wanted to utilize some of my other abilities as well. As a double major in both film and advertising, they thought about using me to do a promotional video in addition to the print work. They were also impressed with my web design work I’ve done in the past and figured it would be a good idea to utilize my skills in that area as well.

Despite the fact that the company never got around to filming the promotional video (yet, at least), I’ve been able to do a diverse set of tasks while on site at Rossi – I’ve done a series of print ads, I’ve re-structured and maintained the company’s WordPress website. I’m even currently in charge of creating a brand new template for WordPress to make the design and layout much nicer while also making it quick and easy to update. I’ve also been able to create a proposal that me and the marketing consultant I’ve been working with and pitch our ideas to the CEO of Rossi. Thankfully, he loved our pitch and we’re still currently working towards finishing up the changes we’ve promised based on our proposal.

Despite my original intent to do basic ads and various office tasks, the internship has evolved into much more than that. I now feel that I am a part of the company and I have a responsibility to help this young company grow into something greater. One of the biggest rewards would be for me to see the changes I’ve implemented be an integral part of the company for many years to come. Re-branding was definitely a fun experience.

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