As an advertising student on the copywriting track, there is no question about it– I am on the computer ALL THE TIME. Whether I am accessing e-mail through my blackberry, or using Photo Shop on my Macbook Pro, there is almost always an electronic device in front of my face (I shudder to think what this is doing to my eyes/brain). Despite all this screen time, I still can’t fathom a need for the iPad! A smart phone (especially an iPhone) can be used to view PDF’s, send and receive e-mails, go onto virtually all websites, and manage scheduling. A laptop (especially the newer, super light ones) are extremely portable, and can do EVERYTHING one could possibly need to do on a computer. Where does the iPad fit into this? After trying it out, there is little that feels “easy” about typing on the keyboard, and the only thing that it can do which my blackberry can’t is watch television shows and movies online (which I probably don’t need to be doing if I am not at home with my laptop anyway).

After pondering this expensive device for some time, I decided to do some research on it, and found some interesting information. According to Media Life online magazine, social media advertising is predicted to truly “take off” from the iPad, especially when it comes to specific user-targeted advertising (as opposed to site-targeted advertising). There are questions of privacy invasion, because of the tracking device through the iPad, and how advertising will be employed based off this tracking.

What is the general opinion of the iPad, especially from iPad owners? Do you feel your purchase was worthwhile? I’d love to hear opinions!