The last weeks at LevLane are quickly approaching. This semester has taught me so much about this industry and given me an idea of where I fit in the agency life. The importance of networking has really come into play.

1.  Something as simple as saying good morning to people when you arrive at the office gets you noticed. Even if you do not work directly with the people you greet, make sure they know your name and face.  I have enjoyed taking in all that goes on in an agency, it is so important to  absorb it all. Even if that includes overhearing account executives discussing a client related glitch. And then, listening to how they form a solution and how they delegate the work to get the problem solved and job completed.

2. If you never ask you will never know. If you never ask, you will never be given more opportunities with your agency.  If you want to do more within the company, you need to ask for the work. If you never ask, you will never find success.


3. Always check and double check your work.  proofread carefully, and don’t be afraid of not knowing somethings. Your supervisors want to help you. They understand you are interning because you want to learn and grow within the industry.

As an intern at LevLane I feel especially lucky to get the opportunity to work on a wide variety of assignments.  I have worked on a government and franchise clients  with different strategies and objective.

At LevLane, “Who loves ya?”  Bruce and David do. Bruce came to speak at the TADA  (Temple Advertising Department Awards). He spoke with this passion and inspiration. I love being in this advertising department and I love being a part of the next phase of advertising. We don’t really know where the media/ad world is evolving, but what I will be certain of is I will be a part of the next great thing.

To whoever is reading this. Good luck. Don’t stop learning and enjoy college because I am learning just how fast it goes by.