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My name is Taylor Jones and I am a sophomore Advertising major. I was the Social Media Intern for Group Two.

My name is Taylor Jones and I am a sophomore Advertising major. To be honest, I did not see myself landing an internship so early in my college career, because I did not even think that was possible. The thought of working in the real world so soon was scary, but Group Two changed my feelings about that. They made it so easy for me to transition into what the workforce was really about. Since the day I went in for my interview and up until my first day, the employees at Group Two, especially, Chelsey, who is the social media director, made me feel right at home.

I was the Social Media Intern for Group Two. Group Two is an agency that specializes in connecting home builders with home buyers. I was never really exposed to this side of a business and it was awesome to learn new things every day about the home building and home buying industry. Each day, I was in the office, I learned how to think quickly, get creative, and improve my communication skills. I also was introduced to the software programs they use throughout the agency and how they manage their social media posts for their 50+ clients. I not only got hands-on learning experience, but I really did learn a lot about myself even though the internship was cut short, because of the Coronavirus Pandemic. I never thought I was capable of juggling classes everyday while working at Group Two 9-5 pm for two days a week. It made me realize that some things I did before my internship were not as important and I needed to learn how to prioritize and keep working ahead so I never fell behind. Working at Group Two taught me patience, strong work ethics, and to never stop asking questions even if you think you are a bother, you’re not. Interning was an amazing experience and I am so grateful Group Two gave me the chance to show them I am capable of anything they gave me and for everything they taught me about the advertising world.

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  1. Taylor,
    It seems like you really had an awesome experience for your first internship! I also applied there. I also learned to ask questions at my internship. I had similar feelings. I was worried I was annoying them or bothering them. At Focus Pointe Global they made me feel welcomed and always encouraged me to get involved and keep learning.

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