My name is Kat Pasquella, I’m a junior at Temple University majoring in Advertising with a concentration in Media Planning. The last 4 months of working at SieMatic as a social media intern gave me numerous valuable experiences; to briefly list some of them: learning about internal functions of a company, reorganizing and managing multiple social media platforms, meeting with designers, managers, and other employees to establish professional relationships, and actively using Canva, Photoshop, and Premiere to create media content.

My experience of working at SieMatic exceeded my expectations. Working for an interior design company was very interesting. I got to work with many designers who are very creative, talented, and expressive.  None of the meetings were ever boring. It was inspiring to me to see so many people who truly love their jobs.

While working at SieMatic, I discovered additional areas of advertising that piqued my interest. I realized advertising is more than just billboards and computer pop-ups- It’s a statistical art form of creating a desire for products. I also discovered the importance of networking. I can see myself connecting with other luxury brands to create partnerships and advertising opportunities for all companies involved.

My journey working at SieMatic has been very positive and unexpected at times. I’m looking forward to expanding my areas of expertise and hopefully, becoming a valuable asset to the company.