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So far, my experience at ChatterBlast Media has taught me a lot. I learned more about the media industry and more about myself as well.

The first thing I’ve learned is that constructive criticism is not meant to break you down, but build you up instead. It’s the editors job to catch your mistakes and to make suggestions in order to make you a better writer. Seeing corrections written all over your work can be difficult at first, but I learned quickly not to take it personally in any way.

The second thing I’ve learned is how exhausting being creative can get! Most times ideas pop up into my with almost no thought at all. However, other times when I am writing about a dry topic, being creative and playful is not so natural. For example, my latest blog post I wrote for Reading Terminal Market was on Raw Milk. How are you supposed to make raw milk fun and cute?! Although, writing creatively for this topic did not come easily, I had to step out of the box and make it interesting.

The final and most important thing that I’ve learned from my experience at ChatterBlast Media is how much I love working with social media. I find it so interesting how many relationships social media can form and enhance. After this experience, I’ve figured out what I like and dislike and definitely hope to work in social media after graduation!

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  1. I find it so interesting how your major takeaways from ChatterBlast are all related to content and creativity. I’ve learned more about the use of social as a marketing tool and reaching your audience and never really think about it from the content creation scope.

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