Social Media Marketing

Before starting my internship at Fame House LLC, I had always thought I was extremely knowledgeable in the field of Social Media Marketing. Now after the past three months, I could not have been any more wrong about that assumption.

Fame House LLC deals with clients predominately in the entertainment industry, more specifically musicians. All of their clients campaigns derive from all different aspects of social media including Facebook, Twitter, and many social media sights I would have never even thought of.

I had always known social media and marketing would never stop evolving, but it was truly put into perspective through out my internship. In the midst of a certain campaign for a client anything could change in the matter of seconds. For example, the employees are constantly researching and finding out new ways to reach and market to the target. This is necessary considering how competitive the entertainment industry is. If Fame House isn’t one step ahead of their competitors, they  might as well be considered behind.

Managing social media sights for marketing is a 24/7 job where everyone is constantly focusing on detail. If the slightest detail is wrong, it could set back a certain campaign drastically. This information about Social Media Marketing and detail will stay with me through any career I end up having and I strongly encourage others to take the time to learn how much effort is needed to successfully implement Social Media Marketing.


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