(Some More) New Intern Tips

Small DeskWith all of the important work given to me at LevLane, I have to keep make sure I’m handing in all of my assignments in a timely manner. In an attempt to fight procrastination, I began thinking of all the detailed deliverables I’ve seen around the office  and began changing my own work habits. I found that becoming more organized and keeping a clean work space will most definitely improve your work. Here are some ideas. On the right you can see the cute lil’ desk I started out with!

My most valuable tip for all you interns out there is to keep a notepad on you AT ALL TIMES. I can’t tell you how much I regret leaving mine at my desk, because I then had to take someone else’s time to run back and get it so I can take proper notes. Then when you get back to your desk, re-write all your notes on your assignment down (even keep it recorded in an excel sheet so it can stick to your desktop). In these notes, you should create a table including the assignment, a notes section with the important bullets, a side bar to check if it was completed and most importantly, its deadline. This will help you best with your time management skills. This will help you tons, and will also show you how much you did over your entire internship.

BRING FOOD. Mid-afternoon crashes are terrible and they can completely block your progressive streak. If you’re like me and don’t get to eating breakfast, definitely make sure to pack a lunch and some snacks. Buying lunch gets super expensive. You save a ton by making your own sandwich. YOU WILL SAVE SO MUCH MONEY SO JUST DO IT.

One more bit: stay late. It says a lot if you do. It shows commitment and willingness to complete your tasks before heading home. It can be very tough with an academic schedule on the side, but it’s worth it because one of the best learning experiences you can get at an agency is when everyone is up late working on an assignment. It’s also a great way to meet the other people lurking around the agency after hours.

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