Hi! I’m May Dougherty, a senior at Temple University, and the Marketing and Social Media Coordinator at Tree House Books, a non-profit giving library dedicated to bringing books into the homes of underprivileged communities and building a family of readers, writers, and thinkers. We bring education to those from different backgrounds who have different needs and different struggles. I’ve learned so much about sacrifice and strength from the Tree House Staff and the families and individuals who enter the library every day. I never anticipated being so touched by an internship experience.

Without judgement or discrimination I have watched my coworkers – who I now consider friends – work tirelessly to brighten the lives of children, families, and readers every day. I’ve learned about literacy and education and the importance of family and community building. I’ve always loved working with children and, as social media coordinator, I can learn from the kids while having a strong voice for a brand so new families can discover our programs and so partners and donors can help us spread our mission. The families who come to our programs and events are some of the most inspiring people I’ve ever met. This one mother, Ronda, used to take her son and daughter to Tree House every day, her children have both since graduated and tutored in the after school program. They are committed to Tree House, and call it a movement instead of an organization. Even now, they come to Tree House events and help us with community outreach.

I’ve gained a community I was not a part of despite living down the street, I’ve gained friends, inspirations, and experiences. I’m part of bettering a community, and I’ve taken part in educating a child. There is really nothing more rewarding than that.