St. Luke’s Pride

Over the past month and a half I have been interning at St. Luke’s University Health network. In the beginning I was anxious for this internship and wasn’t too sure what to expect. I was moving back home, which I wasn’t really looking forward to, I was going to be working with the same company as my mother, which i didn’t know how to feel about. Though, I was excited to have an experience in a marketing atmosphere.

St. Luke’s University Health Network is a non- profit organization that offers services at over 150 locations, and serves over 1 million people living in several countries. Throughout the St. Luke’s family you will find 1,300 physicians, 8,000 employees with jobs that range from engineer to chef to photographer, and 1,300 volunteers and counting. St. Luke’s is an incredible network that just keeps on expanding.

The first time I saw the image to the left, I can’t describe how much pride I felt. I didn’t create this billboard, actually the only thing I did was make minor editing suggestions such as, take the phone number off, take ‘that’  off, enlarge ‘that’… etc.  When I saw this for the first time, i felt as though I really contributed to something, I helped, in the smallest form, make that ad look awesome! People see this everyday, and i ham a small part of it! It seems silly but I  even teared up a little.

This ad campaign is to show St.Luke’s partnership with the local gymnastics team, the Parkettes, St. Luke’s does all physical therapy for them, and is very proud to support Elizabeth Price, alternate on the Unites States Olympic team!

 I have learned so much in such a little amount of time, I can truly say I love my internship! I have never felt as much pride for a company as I do with St. Luke’s. Everyday I’m amazed at the work that comes from the marketing department. For being such a small department, with 25 employees at most, the work produced out of the office is compelling.

I attempted to post the Parkettes commercial at the bottom, which I strongly encourage everyone to look at, it’s so great! Gives me chills every time! If the link itself doesn’t work just type the title below into youtube, it’s worth it!

St. Luke’s Commercial – Parkettes

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