Standing Out At Your Internship!

Standing out is about is about doing your best and developing a personal brand that leaves a lasting impression, but sometimes it can be complicated.

My name is Kahlita Finger and I am a senior advertising major. This semester, I am interning with Klein Career Services, where my main role is to help advertise workshops and ideate innovative ways to present a variety of career options to students.

Interning in with Career services allows me to encounter many employers looking for students to hire, as well as many students looking for internships and jobs. From both points of view, I always get asked my opinion on how someone with little to no experience can stand out in a workplace. With this being my fifth internship, I finally feel confident enough to share few tips that may make it easier to stand out at your next internship!

  1. Present yourself in the manner you want to be remembered in. Nobody wants people to have negative perceptions of them. The easiest way to leave a good first impression is to at least do the basic expectations: arrive a little early, dress to impress, complete your assignments, and be nice to everyone.
  2. Find your voice. Many companies hire young professionals for a fresh perspective. Dig deep within yourself to find some courage. Voice your opinions, perspectives and experiences to show your employer just how valuable of an addition to the team you are!
  3. Ask for feedback often. By the time your manager tells you that you’re doing something wrong, it may have already affected their perception of you. Set time with your manager to weekly or biweekly to see what you’ve done well and what they’d like to see you improve on.
  4. Ask your coworkers to get lunch or coffee. Take time to learn about people across all divisions of your company, what their duties entail, and how it supports the overall business. This will allow you to be much more knowledgeable about the company, find additional projects to work on during your internship, and have more people to reach out to after your internship ends.
  5. Your word is your bond. Keep it. If you say you are going to do something do it. Simple. If people can’t trust you to follow through, you’ll limit the opportunities that you’ll be offered.
  6. SAY THANK YOU! It is highly underestimated how important it is to say thank you. Saying thank you shows that you acknowledge that they didn’t have to do anything for you, you value the time it took, and appreciate the action.

Standing out doesn’t mean that you make no mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. Standing out is about is about doing your best and developing a personal brand that leaves a lasting impression. Using these tips during your internship will start you on the road to success!

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