Since April of this year, I’ve been fortunate to be a part of the team at a digital marketing agency called FourFront. FourFront specializes in SEO, SEM, and analytics. The company has been around for about ten years, and we have a relatively small team compared to some other agencies in the area.

The office is located in Germantown, Philadelphia but funnily enough, the only time I’ve gotten to visit was my interview way back in February. I joined the team completely remote and our entire company has been working remotely since March. Starting a new role entry remote has its own set of challenges, but thanks to the team I was able to settle in pretty quickly.

My experience with FourFront has been an incredible learning experience. I was initially meant to be just a summer intern, but I stayed on in the fall and got promoted to an associate. I was hired along with two other interns, who also stayed on as associates. 

I began my internship supporting the SEO team, mainly working on competitive research and content related tasks. As we began to take on more PPC clients, I shifted to a more PPC-focused role and am now supporting both teams as needed. Since starting, I’ve had the freedom to explore all aspects of digital marketing and participate in various training courses to learn more and find my niche. 

I’ve gotten hands-on experience in working with many different teams, speaking to clients, working on websites, and more. I look forward to continuing my career with FourFront and furthering my learning in digital marketing!