Stay Afloat in your Intern-Ship


Julie’s “Interntips”:

  1. Ask Questions. Don’t be afraid speak up and ask your supervisor questions about your assignments.   It’s better to clear up any confusion than to do something wrong.
  2. Pack a lunch. I was excited to frolic about the city and try new food places on my lunch break but that gets expensive- fast. Recommendation: Cook large dinners so you can take leftovers for lunch to save some ca$h.
  3. Coffee. 9-5 is a long day; you’re going to crave a caffeine kick. Recommendation: Starbucks (it’s better than Saxbys). Don’t drink coffee?  Consider changing that.
  4. Look for inspiration. When designing, it is important to look at other’s work to see how you can change yours to make it the best it can be. Recommendation:  Check out what’s happening on Pinterest
  5. Don’t always trust public transportation. Get an early head start in the morning, just in case the subway is late. Bonus: If you get there early, you can stop at Starbucks! #winning

What are your internship intern-tips?

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